Seven star green

1. The Cursing Song (4:33)

words and music by R J Stewart


2. Our Captain Cried (4:00)

Traditional, arranged by Rebsie Fairholm


3. Molotov Spongecake (5:02)

Words and music by Rebsie Fairholm


4. Let No Man Steal Your Thyme (3:24)

Traditional, arranged by Daniel Staniforth and Rebsie Fairholm


5. Perigee Organdie (4:46)

Words and music by Daniel Staniforth and Rebsie Fairholm


6. Pavane (5:12)

Traditional, arranged by Rebsie Fairholm and Daniel Staniforth (from a 16th century book)


7. Minstrel Boy (6:12)

Traditional, arranged by Dick Langford and Rebsie Fairholm


8. Central Line (1:24)

Words and music by Praveen Manghani


9. Love Is Pleasing (2:14)

Traditional, arranged by Rebsie Fairholm and Daniel Staniforth


10. The Bitter Withy (5:28)

Traditional, arranged by Dick Langford and Rebsie Fairholm


11. From A Coffin (5:58)

Words and music by slumbering


12. Lyke Wake Dirge (4:58)

Traditional, arranged by Dick Langford, Rebsie Fairholm and Daniel Staniforth


Rebsie Fairholm

vocals, piano, 12-string guitar, synths and midi instruments, bodhràn and tambourine


Daniel Staniforth

cello, acoustic and classical guitars, electric guitar, bass, midi instruments, backing vocals on Central Line


Dick Langford

electric guitar, bass, midi instruments


Seven Star Green is grown from the same rootstock as my first album Mind The Gap, so it has the usual ethereal psych-folk ambience and soaring, haunting vocals. But this album finds a new complexity and sophistication, particularly in the instrumentation. Daniel brings innovative and expressive cello to a number of songs, sumptuous flamenco guitar to others, while Dick Langford plays fire-fingered electric and contributes some wildly original arrangements. And once again there is a "surprise" track which doesn't fit any definition of the genre ... but we like to raise two fingers to genres don't we?

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Available in the US from Flowforth Productions

"The disc’s opening and closing salvos are outstanding, beginning with The Cursing Song (from the pen of R.J. Stewart), a sinister incantation set to a richly stately chordal pulse with sparky, exotic touches. This is followed by Rebsie’s atmosphere-drenched, sombrely gull-bedecked rendition of Our Captain Cried (the first of the disc’s six distinctively visionary interpretations of traditional songs). The closing bookend is a powerfully dark triptych: a compulsively dramatic tribal-trance take on The Bitter Withy with a spine-tinglingly eerie tintinnabulating coda, leading to the intensely fragile, emotionally charged pleading of From A Coffin ... and closing with Lyke Wake Dirge – here a sweeping processional through the Imagined Village accompanied by distorted electronic ghosts."  – fROOTS

Also available to download from Bandcamp ! Click ye here.

So where did the Seven Star Green name come from? It's a tiny village in Essex on the outskirts of Colchester. Here's Daniel with the roadsign to prove it.