Chalkhills ep

1. Weep, O Mine Eyes (1:57)

Words and music by John Wilbye


2. The Moon in the Furrow (4:33)

Words and music by Rebsie Fairholm


3. Chalkhill Blue (5:53)

Words and music by Rebsie Fairholm



My first solo music release in nine years, the Chalkhills EP  is a return to my original sound and an exploration of where the future might take me. The dreamy psych-folk vibe is still there, as are my 12-string guitars, but the outlook is perhaps warmer and brighter.


The EP opens with a 16th century madrigal written in 1598 by John Wilbye, made from multi-layered voices. The arrangement is true to the original, but my performance is more natural and earthy than a typical classical rendition. Personally I feel that madrigals sound their most beautiful when sung in a natural way, without affectation.


The other two songs are my own, rooted as always in the fields and hills of the English landscape.


The sleeve design features pieces of my own artwork in coloured pencil and oil pastel.

Available as a digital release from Bandcamp. Click here to purchase – or have a listen on the player below.